When Mary Sang Her Lullaby

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When Mary Sang Her Lullaby

When Mary Suedehead received the manuscript “Upon a Star” (attributed to Sir Richard Francis Burton) for her 18th birthday, she wrote back that it was the only lullaby she had ever known. Of course, when Mary sang her lullaby, it is not uncommon for children to have grown up listening to lullabies in their lives, but this particular one is something of a rarity. Mary had grown up in a home that was immersed in music, from classical music to Christmas carols to country and western music. It was not until she was nine years old that her father took her to an opera house to see a production of “La Traviata.” The opera, she recalls, changed her life, as it so often does, and she was hooked.


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When Mary Suedehead tells the story of when she learned how to sing a lullaby to a child, she seems to have been very happy with the experience. Yet, at times throughout our own lives, when we find ourselves lost or lonely, listening to a lovely lullaby can help us to overcome those feelings of loneliness or lack of self confidence. Lullabies are one of the most therapeutic things that we can do for ourselves. When Mary Suedehead sang her famous lullaby “Hush Little Lullaby,” thousands of parents saw their kids relax, feel secure and forget whatever troubles they were having over night.

This song, or any of Suedehead’s other wonderful songs, is not only a beautiful lullaby for a sleeping child. It is also a great song for a romantic evening or day. As we all know, many long, thoughtful nights are spent by ourselves alone in front of the television, and Suedehead knows that the beauty of a good lullaby will help get us to a better, more relaxing place to spend our time.

There are all sorts of lullabies available on CDs and in stores. Most are fairly short. Suedehead has put out some wonderful and unique songs that have become collectors’ items. Some of them are sung from the heart and have a message of love and hope. Other examples of popular lullabies have messages of safety and security, or of appreciation for everyday accomplishments and achievements.

One of Suedehead’s most popular songs, “My Little Rose,” has become an international hit. The children who are singing this song act like it is actually a documentary, as they recount the experiences of growing up with a very special girl. This song is beautiful and pure. Children feel the lyrics as if they are talking directly to their special someone.

Many parents like to have these types of children’s songs on hand when the children are having a sleepover or just to cheer them up when things seem to be going wrong. They are adorable when sung by children. These songs are great for children’s parties. Suedehead songs are appropriate for any party, regardless of who is hosting it. You can get the children to sing these songs so you can help them have a good time.

Parents are able to find a wide variety of children’s songs on the market. The world wide web offers you many choices. If you prefer to download songs for your child to sing at home, you will be able to do that also. It’s nice if you can always be there to sing along to Mary Suedehead songs when she was young.

There are even sites online where you can find all sorts of articles pertaining to Mary Suedehead and the songs that she sang. There are stories written about her and pictures shown of the many places that she traveled and visited throughout her life. There is even a song book created from her music. That’s just a small sampling of the information you can discover when you search online for when Mary sang her lullaby. This is a wonderful song book full of interesting facts and interesting songs.

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