Who Wrote Lullaby For a Soldier?

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Who Wrote Lullaby For a Soldier

“Lullaby” by Philip Pullman is one of the most enchanting books ever written. It takes place in World War I, and deals with the dreams of a girl and a boy living in a peaceful home in England. They are wakened one night by a mysterious stranger who has entered their home. Their sleepy mind is soon distracted by images of the horrors that have befallen their town, and they begin to search for answers to the riddle of who wrote lullaby for a soldier. Soon they become lost in their own imagination, until the discovery that the strange stranger is their own father brings a new sense of harmony to their lives.


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Pullman creates a magical world in which his characters live. He uses words and images to create a wonderful world that is full of friendship, love, and hope. The only thing that can destroy these wonderful values is war, and the devastating loss of innocence that it brings to a child’s life. Those who read “Lullaby” will recognize the importance of friendship and the need to nurture this value even when it seems to be lost to the point of being forgotten.

The author of this work of fiction was asked to write lullabies for a child by a publisher, but he declined. Instead he decided to create something special, and set out to create a work of literature that would be loved by all. The results are very well done, and the story is centered around a very unique premise. The story follows a young married couple who have a son named Joe. The mother always wanted them to write a book about their son, so she encouraged her son to create the book, which was then published by the publisher.

Pullman’s writing style has a beautiful quality to it that makes the reader melt away and become involved in the story. It is a wonderful story of two parents who bond so tightly over their young one. The father is a bit more of a nag than the mother, but they quickly make up and go on with their lives. The story takes place during World War II when both parents are working, and it takes place at a time when both children are very small.

The writing style is conversational and gentle, which is a nice change from other works that are simply written for children. The story is about how Joe’s mother talks to him in bed while he is napping in his bed, and about how they listen to music and play games together in the evenings. This is just the beginning of the wonderful journey through Joe and his family. Pullman also includes historical facts about the Second World War, and the experiences of the people that were either alive or who survived the war.

Who wrote lullabies for a soldier is an engaging and humorous read that will keep children entertained for quite some time. Although the author does not include a story in each of the twenty-one short chapters, he does make sure that he includes enough information about the people and places in the story to give children a vivid picture of that period of time. As a matter of fact, the book has received many awards, including the coveted Nobel Prize. The story was also made into a motion picture, which depicts the journey of Joe throughout the years.

The most intriguing aspect of this book, however, is the simple message that the author wishes to convey to the children. Although he is not a religious person by nature, he has included a few spiritual stories in his book as well. In the case of Who Written Lullabies for a Soldier, he gives a simple Christian message about leaving our burdens behind and making a life for ourselves. These stories have helped bring hope to many children who have found themselves dealing with the grief of losing someone very close. Other times, children have received comfort through relating their own personal grief and sadness to those tales.

The name of the child in the story is Captain Edward Joseph. Although he is not given a name in the story, he is identified as one of the thousands of young men who served in World War II. When asked what he did during the war, he responded, “Loved one more than I could count.” This story, along with those told by other children, makes it clear how important it was to have parents who loved their children enough to send them off to war. With this extra layer of understanding, parents are able to provide an even stronger support system for their children. Knowing who wrote Lullabies For a Soldier gives children a deeper and greater appreciation for the sacrifices that their parents have made.

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